hand holding water ph testing test comparing color to indicated


One of the most effective scientific ways of detoxifying a person’s body from all form of acidic waste is through the consumption of Alkaline water. Another added advantage of alkaline water is that it is free from any bacteria type that is commonly found in unfiltered water types. Alkaline water, just like other filtered water types, contains several mineral benefits.

It is as a result of these health benefits that we greatly advocate for the use and consumption of alkaline water. Alkaline water has in the recent past gained high popularity and a lot of information about it has been preserved and stored in almost every form of media including the internet, books and several magazines.

A significant number of health practitioners are also in agreement with the benefits that come with alkaline water. Also popularly referred to as ionized water, alkaline water is a base and its PH value ranges above seven on the PH scale. This is contrary to the belief that water is a neutral substance while in fact, most is acidic. When water is filtered, then ionized electrically, it becomes alkaline water. Alkaline (ionized) water is also dubbed high oxygen content water.