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Ozone Water

Ozone water refers to water which is purified by having oxygen introduced into it under pressure. Water is mainly oxygenated to increase its quality. Unlike natural non-treated water, oxygenated water comes with a number of health benefits.
The consumption of oxygenated water increases the oxygen content in a person’s bloodstream. According to a research carried out by Dr. Otto Warburg, who has twice won a Nobel Prize for his extensive research, body cells with inadequate oxygen content stand a higher chance of becoming cancerous.

The fact that they contain low oxygen content is what makes them more prone to becoming cancerous. This goes on to prove that adequate oxygen supply in the body cells greatly reduces the risks of suffering from cancer. A good and effective way of supplying your body cells with adequate oxygen and reducing the chances of cancer is by regular consumption of oxygenated water.

Oxygen is very important and it encourages the replication process of the body’s useful bacteria. In return, the good bacteria fight the bad bacteria. This prevents a person from illnesses which are caused by the bad bacteria. As a matter of fact, the probability of finding disease causing micro-organisms (pathogens) in areas rich in oxygen is almost zero. It is within this understanding that we make sure our water is satisfactorily oxygenated.