12 Stage purified water

For your peace of mind and convenience, we always see to it that your bottle is filled right and that you can easily and comfortably carry it to your vehicle. Our 12 stage purification process is unique and it completely removes chlorine, minerals, bacteria, pesticides, lead and other many different agents that negatively affect the healthfulness and taste of water and which may pose a threat to your health well being.

Our water greatly exceeds over all the FDA requirements on water purification and this greatly ensures that we continue to provide you with the best tasting and purest water. All our water is subjected to a twelve step purification process and this ensures that you are provided with the purest water which is free from the taste that usually accompanies processed water.

We have been in the water industry for a long period of time and we have maintained a good reputation and a good public image. Unlike other water companies in the industry, we take pride for being unique as we always strive to give back to the community every time we can.

This is evidenced by the fact that we are committed to donate ten percent (10%) of our generated profit to the American Cancer Society. We also go a step further and gladly give water donations to events happening with the community which are non profit intended.